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Welcome to RESET...

Reset Magazine, designed to give the modern C64 user a light hearted insight into the current world of the Commodore 64. Reset Magazine is a free, non-profit publication Produced by the Reset Magazine Staff.

Reset Magazine Staff consists of:
Kevin Tilley (Unkle K) - Editor, Staff Writer, Design.
Paul Morrison (PaulEMoz) - Staff Writer.
Anthony Stiller (ANT) - Staff Writer, Art.
Cameron Davis (Gazunta) - Staff Writer, Art.
Alex Boz (Ausretrogamer) - Staff Writer.
Rob Caporetto (Hellfire 64) - Staff Writer.
The Mighty brain (TMB) - Staff Writer.
Shane Wood (zap) - Webmaster.

NEWS & Announcements:

06/02/16 - Reset #09 Reset #09 Reset #09 is our issue dedicated to one of the greatest ever C64 software houses, Hewson Consultants. In this issue, we preview Hewson’s new game project and have a chat to its creator, Jonathan Port. Paul Morrison chats to Andrew and Rob Hewson about Andrew’s new book, Hints & Tips for Videogame Pioneers and the Reset team discuss their favourite Hewson titles in Blast From The Past. Rob Caporetto tests Paradroid Redux, a C64 update of Andrew Braybrook’s Zzap!64 Gold Medal winning game, and we also review Barnsley Badger, Hessian and Tiger Claw. Vinny Mainolfi returns to our pages with his Cheat & Beat column and we round-up the 2015 16kb RGCD Cartridge Competition entries. Of course, all of our regular columns return including Format Wars, Games That Weren’t and a brand new Blow the Cartridge comic from Gazunta. Finally, our Mix-i-Disk contains an exclusive Redux version of a classic Alf Yngve shooter, not to mention the new Reset intro by Dr J. We hope you enjoy this massive issue!

06/02/16 - Reset #08 Reset #08 is our adventure themed issues celebrating the classic genre on the Commodore 64. In this issue, we take a look at Heroes & Cowards (Protovision), as well as Caren and the Tangled Tentacles (PriorArt) and Knight ‘N’ Grail (Psytronik). Ant delves deep into the murky depths of the D42 Adventure System and Ray Carlsen returns to tell us all about his replacement PLA chip. Martin Grundy makes his Reset debut, taking us back 30 years to January 1986 in his Reset Reloaded column. We playtest the recently unearthed Daffy Duck and Paul chats to Frank Gasking and Martin Pugh about its discovery and eventual release. On the Mix-i-Disk, we have a new game by Graham Axten as well as some fresh goodies courtesy of Wanax and The New Dimension. We hope you enjoy the issue!

25/7/15 - Reset #07 Reset #07 has been released and is downloadable now. Were really excited about the issue and hope that you all enjoy it! The issue features stunning original cover art by Anthony Stiller, paying homage to the Zzap No.1 cover, featuring Elite, which was by legendary artist Oliver Frey. The issue pays tribute to Zzap!64 and we celebrate the 30th anniversary since the first issue. Inside we have some special guest appearances from ex-Zzap writers and characters, tribute articles, and a feature article about the C64 version of Elite by Anthony Olver of Elite Archives (C64 Elite also celebrates its 30th anniversary and was reviewed in Zzap No.1). As well as all of this, we have many of our usual columns returning and game reviews including Ghosts 'n Goblins Arcade and Jam It. Our Mix-i-disk contains two brand new and exclusive games: Pixel Pix by Simon Quernhorst and a new SEUCK'er by Alf Yngve called Big Mech Alpha. The disk also includes two full commercial games. Darkness by RGCD/Psytronik, and Phase Out V1.4 by inc-x as well as the winner of the 2015 SEUCK competition, the fully enhanced Abyssonaut by Anthony Stiller. To top things off nicely, Richard Bayliss has contributed the brand new Reset #07 intro, featuring a cool old-school vibe!

05/04/2015 - Reset #06 Reset #06 features a world first review of Robot Riot.s new puzzler Gravitrix. We take an in depth look at the new C64 conversion of Donkey Kong Junior and have a chat with programmer Andreas Varga about his experience with making the game. Robert Caporetto takes a look at the 2014 RGCD 16kb Cartridge Game Competition, Stingray reports from the 2014 Brisbane C64 night and Craig Derbyshire gives us a tutorial on how to connect to BBS.s using our C64s or VICE. All the usual columns return including Games That Weren.t, Format Wars and Blast From The Past. To top it all off, our Mix-i-disk contains a brand spanking new intro, the preview of Wanax.s latest creation .Break 64., as well as a whole heap of goodies courtesy of our friends at Protovision, including a special two-player version of their classic game Bomb Mania. We hope you enjoy the issue!

15/11/2014 - Reset #05 is now out and downloadable from the Reset homepage.
PaulEMoz has a chat with prolific 8-bit games cover-artist John Smyth. Legendary C64 SID composer Matt Gray talks to Reset about his C64 career and new Kickstarter project, Reformation. The team review the recently found and preserved The Adventures of Scooby Doo, as well as modern C64 classic Soulless and Protovision’s latest release Leisure Suit Leo II. Sam Dyer’s Commodore 64: a Visual Commpendium gets a thorough look through, as does the brand new movie about the story of the rise of the British Video Games Industry from 1975 to present, From Bedrooms to Billions. Roy Fielding presents his wonderful new C64 game, Paper Plane, on our very own coverdisk, Mix-i-disk 3. All your regular favourites such as Deep Thoughts, Ray Carlsen and Games That Weren’t return, and much, much more! Over 70 packed pages of pure C64 love. Download now!

29/10/2014 - Commodore Free magazine Issue 83 is now available for download.

16/08/2014 - Reset #04 is out now. Featuring reviews of Commando Arcade, Guns ‘N’ Ghosts, Bellringer III and the Protovision 4 Player Compilation. Frank Gasking presents his Where Are They Now feature trying to track down some Commodore 64 personalities who were well known after its commercial era. We also have an exclusive interview with Tomcat/Nostalgia about the making of Commando Arcade. Neil Grayson joins Reset with the first part of his History of Commodore Format series. All of the regular favourites return including Games That Weren’t, C64 Endings, Deep Thoughts, The Mighty Brain, a minty fresh Blow The Cartridge comic and much, much more. Click on the Reset #04 link and download now.
01/07/2014 - Reset Magazine in conjunction with Commodore 8bit are launching 'High Scoring Heroes' via new high score archive.

In the upcoming Reset #04, we will publish the top 3 players for the following games:
           Commando Arcade.
           Creatures II.
           Cybernoid II.
           Double Dragon II.
           Forbidden Forest.
           Ghouls N Ghosts.
           Last Duel.
           Quick Draw McGraw.
So have a go, submit your highscore to the website, and become a 'High Scoring Hero' in the next issue of Reset (and knock dink and macc off the podium ).. No cheating or trainers, be honest! Have fun!!!

10/05/2014 - Reset #03 features a chat with Sam Dyer, author of the upcoming book Commodore 64:A Visual Commpendium. Also we have three exclusive game reviews – Darkness, Rocket Smash EX and Powerglove, as well as reviews of Jim Slim and Advanced Space Battle. Frank Gasking, Merman, Vinny, Last Chance and Ray Carlsen all return with their regular columns and we are proud to have been given an exclusive Blow The Cartridge comic from Gazunta!

08/01/2014 - Reset #02 has been released. Over 3X bigger than the first issue and packed to the brim with exclusive content from 14 different writers including Ray Carsen, Merman, Frank Gasking and Robert Bernardo.

Also launched with Reset#02 is our new homepage, developed by zap. Feel free to leave a comment in the Guestbook and subscribe to the Reset mailing list today!

01/01/2014 - Reset Magazine Staff would like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year. Reset #02 has begun production with an anticipated early February release.

30/11/2013 - Reset #01 released as a high quality printed Special Edition at the Brisbane Commodore Night. 10/11/2013 - Reset #01 is released to an unsuspecting public.

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