2017-10-12: Blazon latest release available as video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpprPQ-NVb4 / Blazon latest release. | 2015-07-10: Contiki BBS released Visit the online demo? Just telnet to: telnet://birdbrainbbs.ufud.org:64 username: guest password: guest / Contiki BBS released! | 2014-06-11: New site add-on http://cbm8bit.com/highscores/ support us by uploading a high score today. New addon the abilty to leave comments. / Commodore 8bit Highscores & Competitions | 2012-12-21: The Commodore Banner Exchange Helps promote Commodore web sites to the Commodore community. Please consider adding your Commodore website or recommend it. / Commodore 8bit Banner Exchange | 2013-02-20: The 8 Bit Weapon Collection 1998​-​2012 by 8 Bit Weapon - Inspired by classic videogame soundtracks and electronic music from the 70s 80s and beyond! / 8-bit-weapon-collection | 2013-01-14: A free to download Magazine dedicated to Commodore computers / Commodore Free Magazine free download. | 2013-01-01: Experimental WinVice 2.4 with SUPERCPU WinVICE-2.4-x86+(scpu64).7z Great news for SuperCPU users. :) / Emulation for the SUPERCPU